Program for Sunday, June 9, 2019

Travel to Myanmar with Marilyn Cook

Each year, Marilyn travels to Asia to explore a new culture.  Last year she flew into Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) and spent two weeks exploring the country by bus, marveling at the hundreds of old temples thousands of years old, some of gold leaf, one of gold.  She took a hot air baloon over the temples of Bagan as the sun was rising.  This Sunday, Marily will share her impressions of this very old culture and tales of her adventures while traveling there.

Marilyn’s passion for Asia began in the early 2000’s. She and her husband became ‘Global Volunteers’ and went to China every year to teach Conversational English to Chinese English teachers.  We got to know many Chinese and went to State dinners as well as dinners in our student’s parent’s homes in small villages and Mountain areas. After her husband passed, she traveled throughout Cambodia & Thailand with her son. Since then, she been traveling by herself to the Philippines, Vietnam, Burma and Bali, Indonesia.