The Harper and the Minstrel

Jay and Abby Michaels to perform Sunday, October 20, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

Music from the past sung and played on a variety of traditional plucked, bowed, hammered and woodwind instruments.

The Harper and The Minstrel specialize in beautiful ayres and ballads, but are quite adept at jigs, reels & dances. Their vast repertoire includes unique arrangements of music ranging from medieval Spain’s 13th century Cantgas de Santa Maria to the music of Elizabethan era English lutenist John Dowland to 17th Century Irish harper Turlough O’Carolan to the music of Sting, the Beatles and much more.

Immediately following this performance, there will be a special Open House celebrating the 95th birthday of NFUU member Jari Rapaport. Please stay or stop by to join in wishing her many more!