Observing, Photographing and Learning from Wellfleet Harbor’s Ospreys

Program for Sunday October 27, 2019

Also known as fish hawks, osprey are some of the most predictable birds on earth, as they have distinct routines that they follow every year. That’s one reason we love them so. The osprey found on Cape Cod leave every September and head south to Central and South America. By the end of October, the osprey’s inhabiting the nest at Wellfleet Harbor will have left us for warmer waters.

But we can still enjoy them thanks to the compelling images captured by photographer Larry Newman.

For the past five years, photographer Larry Newman has been chronicling these raptors to better understand the nuances of their habits and life cycle. He’ll be sharing astounding pictures of these magnificent birds to illustrate some of the anecdotes and insights gleaned from this patient, long term observation.