Edward Gorey and the Tao of Nonsense

Program for Sunday September 29, 2019

Edward Gorey House curator Gregory Hischak discusses the life and works of Edward Gorey and shares some thoughts on the House’s 2019 exhibit Hippity Wippity—Edward Gorey and the Language of Nonsense. Hischak has appeared previously at Chapel in the Pines as a musician, as a poet, and now as the Curator of the Edward Gorey House which showcases the many talents of writer-illustrator-book artist Edward Gorey. Located in Gorey’s Yarmouth Port home, the museum constantly revolves its space to reflect the personality, sensibilities, and creative process of an artist who absorbed everything, was fascinated by everything, and effected everyone who knew or worked with him.

Hischak has been the Curator / Managing Director of the Edward Gorey House since 2013. He is a graphic designer, poet, and playwright—the recipient of a 2015 Mass Cultural Council Fellowship in dramatic writing. Hischak and his wife, Rachel, reside in the upper floors of the Edward Gorey House and, at this point, have yet to bump into Edward.