Program for Sunday August 25, 2019

John Basile presents an Illustrated History of Jazz on Cape Cod

Funeral parade in honor of Lou Colombo

The first notes of jazz hit Cape Cod in the very early days of the genre. Bournehurst-on-the-Canal hosted top bands, and emerging swing era dancers packed the hall. Cape Cod’s “First Lady of Jazz,” Marie Marcus, was a child prodigy in Boston and studied stride piano with Fats Waller in New York. At the very tip of the Cape, the Atlantic House in Provincetown showcased performances from some of the biggest names like Gerry Mulligan, Billie Holiday and Stan Getz. John Basile detailed the fascinating history and amazing musicians that made Cape Cod a music destination in his 2017 book Cape Cod Jazz: from Colombo to The Columns. John will share some of the best stories from his research, brought to life with photos and recordings.

John Basile is known on Cape Cod as the longtime editor of the Register newspaper. Before turning to the newspaper field, he was—for more than a decade—a radio newscaster, first on WOCB and later on WQRC on Cape Cod, where he worked alongside Dick Golden, host of the popular Nightlights program. First as a member of the Cape Cod Jazz Society and later as its president (succeeding the legendary Marie Marcus), John helped to present many jazz parties and concerts. More recently, as a member of the board of directors of the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, he helped to organize jazz-related events including concerts and art exhibitions.