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“Biting the Apple”: Powerful Stories and Poems from Kristin Knowles

Program for Sunday, February 21

Spoken word artist Kristin Knowles invites us to share in her journey toward healing and wisdom. Through poems and stories of her travels and travails, Knowles illustrates the inextricable ties connecting artistry and activism.

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After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Meeting platform will open at 9:30 for informal socializing. Program will begin promptly at 10:00.

Kristin Knowles is a visual artist, poet, storyteller, activist, farmer, mom, and ambitious thrift shopper. A deeply-rooted Lower Cape girl, she lives in Orleans with her husband, Tom, daughter, Sasha and son, Jack, two dogs, a cat, and a sizable flock of ducks and chickens. She and Tom practice and informally teach permaculture practices for regenerative agriculture. And grow organic fruit, nuts, and other perennial foods on their property. She has also done work as a human trafficking public educator, potter, and human services counselor. As an activist, she focuses mainly on human rights, gender violence, racism, and socio-economic disparity. Her hope is that more egalitarian business models will continue to be invented and implemented, replacing the status quo of extractive, exploitative, and corrupt predatory capitalism. She believes that eradicating poverty would go a long way toward creating a more just, safe, and peaceful world.