“Sacred Songs and Country Blues” with Andy Cohen

Program for Sunday, January 9, 2022

Andy Cohen is a lifelong musician, originally from Massachusetts, but who concentrates almost entirely on Southern music, all of it: Blues, rags, ballads, ditties, play-parties, the whole shootin’ match. He lives in Memphis now, the land where the Blues began, and studies it to this day, along with other forms. For this program, he’s going to reach deep in the repertory bag and pull out some deeply religious pieces, some down-in-the-alley blues numbers and maybe sprinkle in a few of his own songs and tunes.

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Andy Cohen grew up in a house with a piano and a lot of Dixieland Jazz records, amplified after a while by a cornet that his dad got him. At about fifteen, he got bitten by the Folk Music bug, and soon got to hear records by Big Bill Broonzy and the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, both of which reminded him of the music he grew up to. At sixteen, he saw Reverend Gary Davis, and his course was set. He knew he had it in him to follow, study, perform and promote the music of the southeast quadrant, America’s great musical fountainhead. Although he’s done other things, a certain amount of writing and physical labor from dishwashing and railroading to archeology, playing the old tunes is what he does best.