Program for Sunday, September 17, 2017

Are the human rights of all in our community respected? What sorts of human rights violations occur on Cape Cod? Who is most vulnerable?

Barbara Monteiro Burgo, Chair of the Barnstable County Human Rights Commission will brief us on current human rights concerns and the steps the commission is taking to address them.

The Barnstable County Human Rights Commission (BCHRC) was formed by ordinance of the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates in 2005 in response to a citizens’ initiative. Through its appointed Commissioners and Town Representatives (all of whom serve as volunteers without compensation), the BCHRC provides for community awareness of and direct response to possible human rights violations through mediation and/or legal action.

Barbara Monteiro Burgo is known for her efforts to preserve the cultural heritage and history of the Cape Verdean communities of southeastern Massachusetts, especially Cape Cod. She is the former President of the Taunton Cape Verdean Association, former State President for the American Association of University Women. She was elected to the Brewster Housing Authority Commission in 2015 and is an Executive Board member of the Cape Cod NAACP.