Program for Sunday July 14, 2019

Great White Sharks off the Coast of Cape Cod

Cape Cod has become a white shark hot spot in the Northwest Atlantic, presenting a rare opportunity to study the species and unique challenges related to public safety.  White sharks are apex predators that play a critical role in maintaining a healthy and balanced marine ecosystem. They are also considered a keystone species, meaning they are integral to the ecology they inhabit.

Cynthia Wigren established the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy in 2012 to provide sustainable funding and resources for research, improve public understanding of sharks, and inspire conservation.  Come hear her talk about their findings, ongoing work and perspective on this evolving phenomenon.

Cynthia holds a BS in Wildlife Management from University of New Hampshire and MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. Cynthia spent twelve years working for online trading companies in the energy industry, with a focus on project management and strategic planning. Cynthia is an avid traveler and a scuba diver with a deep appreciation for wildlife on land and sea. Her underwater experiences with whale sharks, great hammerheads, nurse sharks, and great white sharks, inspired her to leave the corporate world and establish Atlantic White Shark Conservancy to support shark research and conservation.