Mar 19: “The 30-year journey of Cape Cod Children’s Place” with Elizabeth Aldred

10:00 a.m. Sunday, March 19, 2023

When the Cape Cod Children’s Place was founded thirty years ago, what community needs was it responding to? What has it accomplished over the three decades since then? How have conditions changed today? A conversation with friends at the Fellowship about this place, just up the road, very near and dear to Elizabeth Aldred’s heart. All are welcome!

Live at Chapel in the Pines and on Zoom.

Zoom registration link:

Elizabeth Aldred raised her sons in Eastham and worked as a copy editor and occasional writer at The Cape Codder from 1983-1993. In 1993, when the initial grant was awarded, she wrote an article about Cape Cod Children’s Place. Since then she has worked for the Children’s Place in different roles and continues to support the organization in any way she can.