July 9: Riding the Radio Airwaves – 3 Stories

Sunday July 9th, 2023 at 10:00 AM

Recording available here: https://vimeo.com/845601505

With their combined 100 years in radio broadcasting, these three Eastham locals come
together to share stories, some of which wound up on the cutting room floor!

Spanning the decades from 1969 to this week, 3 on-air radio broadcasters share a few
memories of exciting behind-the-scenes experiences working with community leaders
from Provincetown to Cambridge, from DC to Truro, England, encounters with “movers
and shakers” from Jesse Jackson, Bonnie Raitt and Ronald Reagan to Louise Erdrich,
Mike Dukakis, Bruce Springsteen, and Abby Hoffman.

Bob Seay was host for WGBH’s Morning Edition for seven years and is still reporting for NPR. Margot Stage anchored programs for WBUR and WGBH from the 80’s to the
aughts, including All Things Considered. Deb Ullman did morning drive music
programming and hosting in Boston at WBCN, and in Cleveland, Boulder and five other
cities during the 70’s and a jazz program at WOMR, Provincetown, through the 90’s.

Come hear some amazing radio stories and ponder together how radio still matters in
these days when electronic multi-media information streams into our lives from all

Live at the Chapel and on Zoom. Click here to pre-register.