Dec 18: “Stopping on the Bridge” with Dianne Ashley

10:00 a.m. Sunday, December 18, 2022

Sorry! This service will not be shown on Zoom.

Dianne Ashley will read from her just published book, Stopping on the Bridge, which presents the wonder of the Eastham bridge on Bridge Road and the Boat Meadow River that flows under it. Cape Cod towns, marshes, and beaches are at the heart of this book, but Ashley presents a full life from many places. The morning will be enhanced by the reading of poems by Lucile Burt whose celestial poems are sure to delight, by Trevor the Juggler juggling a poem, and by the incomparable duo of Billy Hardy and Beth Sweeney playing and singing their lilting Irish music, appropriate to the solstice in the coming days.

Before retiring to Eastham, Dianne Woods Ashley taught English and Literary Magazine at Yorktown High School in Arlington, Virginia, and before that at Penn State, and in the Peace Corps in the rural middle school in Senafe, Eritrea. She has received awards from the Tony Hoagland National Poetry Competition at the Cape Cod Cultural Center, the Veterans for Peace Poetry Competition, the WOMR Joe Gouveia Regional Poetry Competition, and the Passager poetry contest issue. Her poems have been published in the Cape Cod Times, the anthology World of Water, World of Sand, and the national collection Poets Against the War.