Terms of Chapel Use


  1. Absolutely no tobacco or alcohol is allowed in the building or on the grounds.
  2. Fire regulations prohibit use of lighted candles or any other open flame.
  3. Fire regulations require leaving an aisle in the center and an open aisle to all exits. Please be careful not to put chairs in the way of the door to the ramp. That area must remain as an aisle.
  4. Leave the Chapel as you found it, chairs in order and broom clean. Do not stack the green ones.
  5. Remove any trash you generate.
  6. If you use the coffee pots, leave them off, clean and unplugged.
  7. Leave windows and doors closed and locked.
  8. If heating is needed, return the thermostat to 55 degrees.
  9. Nauset Fellowship is not responsible for items left in the Chapel.
  10. Rental does not include use of sound equipment belonging to either the Fellowship or the First Encounter Coffee House.
  11. Please advertise your event as being held at “The Chapel in the Pines”, not the First Encounter Coffee House, which is a separate organization.