November 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

The monthly business meeting of the Nauset Fellowship was held on Sunday, November 6, 2016 at the Chapel in the Pines with President Bob Seay presiding.  There were 7 members present. (A Quorum)

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted as read.

Judith Whitney-Terry gave the Treasurer’s report.   There is $14,257.78 in the checking account and $28,893.66 in 5 CD’s for a total of $43,151.44. There is $3246.56 in the Restoration Fund and all bills are paid.  Judith reported that the UUA continues to bill us and is getting more strict about payments.  We could pay the full amount requested, but it would deplete our available funds We need to convey the idea that we are a small group, now down to 18 members, and we are embarking on a large fundraising project.  Bob suggested we pay $500 now and see about the rest on or before the end of the fiscal year in June.  We all agreed to do this.

Regarding our Outreach:  Judith reported we gave about $2000 last year to mostly local organizations.  We agreed to give slightly less to those organizations we currently sponsor (leaving out the ACLU), but still maintain our support.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Regarding the Building and Grounds: Judith reported that 2 plates for Edna Ehret and Lucy Vangindren have been added to the Memorial Plaque.  The beautiful new bench on the porch is the gift of Bob and Judith Terry.  There will be no further landscaping.

Bob reported on the status of connecting to the town water system.  We’ve had 2 bids: $2800 from Brundage and $2200 from Robert Our, Co. to connect the system to the building after which we will need Chip Horton, our plumber, to connect the plumbing inside the building and disconnect the well.  Bob recommended Robert Our and we all agreed to move ahead with that.

Bob presented the plans submitted for the new addition to the building.  It includes office space and the handicapped bathroom.  The back door will lead to a porch like the one in front and a deck leading to the handicapped access ramp.  The kitchen will be enlarged with windows facing the library.  The parking area will be enlarged according to code for van access.  Inside the kitchen would be reconfigured, the wall behind the bookcase would be removed and the current bathroom and closet combined to make a large closet.

The plan includes everything we asked for.  As to cost: an estimate from Cape Associates is $216,000 not including the roof and sprinkler system which would cost another $100,000.  We will need to do some negotiating with the CPA regarding the allocation of funds for each part of the project. Bob suggested we postpone the request for funds from the MASS Cultural Commission, but should apply for a matching grant from the Mass Historical Commission.  We already have the town grant to match it with.  We will also apply to the Cape Cod 5 and Seaman’s Bank for smaller grants.  Bob suggested we have envelopes to be given out here on Sundays and at the Coffee House as well as at other places.  It’s possible we could get a loan from Cape Cod 5, as we did when we purchased the building.  We could raise more money with a Coffee House benefit at the High School.  Once we get the building work done, we can have our own benefits here.  Everyone expressed approval of the plan.  Bob will consult the CPA Commission and the Town Planner about allocating the funds.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 A. M.

Respectfully submitted,

(signed) Nancy Chenoweth, Ssecretary