March 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

Nauset Fellowship Chapel in the Pines

March 12, 2017

The monthly business meeting of the Nauset Fellowship was held on Sunday March 12th, 2017 with President Bob Seay presiding. There were 7 members present.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and since there was not a quorum present were provisionally approved with one correction. They will be typed and sent via email to absent members for final approval.

According to the Treasurer’s Report there is $10,969.04 in the checking account and $28,947.98 in 5 CDs for a total of $39,917.97. The Restoration Fund stands at $8,278.00.

Bob reported on the Restoration project. A separate non-profit organization may not be necessary as we do not need to raise as large an amount as the Library Building Committee or First Parish in Brewster.

Bob has spoken to 4 builders so far: Cape Associates, Rick Cleary, Donald Delaney and Tim Klink of Coastal Design. He plans to talk to a few more but some aren’t big enough to handle the whole job. The goal is to choose three and have them bid on the job. Nancy Munger suggested we construct a spread sheet detailing various aspects of the work and find out what if any parts of it would be subcontracted. She also suggested we ask people who have used these builders to give us a sense of how they work. We should decide who to ask for bids by April 1st. Plans have been sent to Canco in Yarmouth, the sprinkler system company. They can now draw up specific plans for the sprinkler system.

It is expected the it will take four months to do the project therefore we will need contingency plans for the use of the building from July 1, 2017 to October 31, 2017. We are not booking any events for that time but groups like AA and NA should be accommodated. It may be possible to use the Library.

We should finalize our fundraising plans by early April as the grant money won’t cover everything. The CPA committee must give us specific information about exactly what will be covered. We may need to go back to the committee for additional funds. So far we have spent about $18,000 on architectural fees. We now have a detailed plan of the building, a scan and computer model that includes the office and outdoor deck rather than just a re-configuration of available space. We may also need basement space under the addition for water supplying the sprinkler system. We also need a plan and design for the kitchen and an estimate of its cost along with specific information as to exactly what is needed for a commercial grade kitchen.

Regarding the roof cresting: That could become a separate project for next year. We need more information about what it should look like and be made of we still don’t know if was made of metal or wood. It may be possible to eliminate it altogether if the CPA committee approves.

We hope to see all the plans ready to go out to bid at the April business meeting,

Laura Roskos reported on the website. She is still planning to shrink the banner, include information about the restoration project and how to contribute to it, and make a link from our page to the First Encounter Coffeehouse.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Chenoweth, Secretary