December 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

Nauset Fellowship Chapel in the Pines

Minutes of December 4, 2016 business meeting (draft)

Fellowship President Bob Seay opened the meeting and read minutes of November meeting written by Nancy Chenoweth.

Minutes were accepted.

Treasurer’s report was read by Judith H. Whitney-Terry.  Copies of report given to those present.

Checking account     $11,629.44

Total of 5 CD’s            28,907.58

Total cash assets       40,537.02

Restoration Fund      $3,171.69

An anonymous offer has been made to match gifts, up to $5000, to the Restoration Fund during December. Bob will write a letter which members can use to send/email to friends letting them know that this is a good time to donate.

Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Judith submitted a written building and grounds report.

Restoration project: Bob states we received a $5,000. bill from the architect, Peter MacDonald.  Some discussion as to all inclusive, final bill?  Will architect plan for sprinkler system and wiring? Assume oversight of project?  Bob will review MacDonald’s contract.

Bob states the architect’s fees are covered by the grant and “the good news is I have learned that the kitchen is covered by the Community Preservation grant.” Bob will attend the Community Preservation Mtg. this Wednesday,  Eric Dray, historical architect, will be present, giving Bob the opportunity to ask questions.  It was suggested that Peter MacDonald be asked to attend.

Nancy R. questions whether we could request funding for old glass windows from MA Historical. There was a suggestion the Cape Cod Tech could be asked about building the deck as it isn’t part of the historical project. Bob Terry asked if Coffee House is supporting project.

A vote of members on the restoration project is planned for the January business meeting.

Strategic Planning: Nancy Munger reviewed the results of the November on line survey.  11 persons responded to the questionnaire.  An enthusiastic discussion on who might participate followed.  Suggestions of persons who use the Chapel or have a “stake in it’s use” included the library director, Carrie Miller, Bill Smith, Debbie Abbott, Elizabeth Diamond, Elizabeth Aldred, Pat Diamond, J. Holden Camp.   Input from these persons could be a valuable start. Further conversation centered on “how to increase membership” citing reasons why this has declined through the years.

Bob volunteered to join Nancy in getting this started.

Other business: Judith will be away for the next 4 business meetings.   Nancy C. continues in recovery from her accident.  Coverage for Treasurer and Secretary was arranged as needed.  Bob will get the mail, checking with Nancy.  Judith will correspond from afar. And, as voted on by the Fellowship, checks can be signed by Bob as needed.

We will have the traditional “Yankee Swap” at our January 8 meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Hoffman (for Nancy Chenoweth)