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Program for Sunday March 17, 2019

Aisling Gainer presents “Chair Yoga with a Bit of Ireland”

Aisling explains: “My love for dance and movement is where I found my love of yoga. Raised in Ireland and growing up an Irish dancer, it was brilliant to find a practice less jarring on my joints. Through the deeper connection with breath, yoga has made me a happier, healthier, and saner human being. I receive inspiration by all those who have struggled in any way and still find a way to say ‘thank you’ and mean it.”

Aisling’s program for us will involve movement, music, and instruction as she shares with us her love of yoga and its abilities to heal and transform.

Aisling Gainer is a well-known and much appreciated teacher. She lives in Orleans, MA.

Program for Sunday, March 31, 2019

“Minding and Mending our Brain: Memory Matters,” a talk by Jaya Karlson

We can influence the function of our brain in very positive ways. Current neuroscience research into the brain has given us a much more complete portrait of brain functioning than has ever before been possible.  In this program we”ll focus on where memory is stored in the brain and how we can nurture and build this area through movement and the foods we eat. With a little knowledge and effort, our brain and our memory can be well cared for! 

Jaya Karlson, of Wellfleet, has been a natural therapeutics and somatic specialist for 3 decades. She teaches qigong, meditation, and yoga and has deep interest in the ways of mind/body connection.

Program for Sunday, February 24, 2019

“Living with my Wild Neighbors”, a talk by Stephanie Ellis with Nickerson

Help! A bird struck my window…,” or
“There’s a baby squirrel at my doorstep…” 

Sometimes our feathered and furry neighbors need a healing hand from Wild Care, a nonprofit wildlife hospital located in Eastham dedicated to the rescue and release of injured and orphaned wildlife on Cape Cod.  Wild Care rehabilitates over 1,700 animals per year–everything from Bald Eagles to White-Footed mice. Wild Care Executive Director Stephanie Ellis will discuss “what to do” when you find animals in distress and will provide tips on living with our wild neighbors. She will also bring special guests, “Nickerson,” an educational Eastern Screech Owl, and “turtle #45,” Wild Care’s beloved educational Eastern Box Turtle. 

Stephanie Ellis has been working with wildlife for nearly a decade on both coasts, and holds a special affinity for birds. She was the Animal Care Coordinator of the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley and served as Executive Director of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society in California, and as the Interim Executive Director of the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory. She has been at the helm of Wild Care’s wildlife rehabilitation work since 2016. 

Program for Sunday, February 10, 2019

“Unitarian Principles in Executing Millennium Stone Statues”

How might the principles of Unitarianism inflect artistic choices and practice? Environmental scientist and artist John Brault will talk us through the process of envisioning, sourcing and sculpting his recently finished life-sized statue of the “Green Mountain Boy.”

This stone statue is made of a stone quarried in the Green Mountain National Forest called Verde Antique. It is known as the world’s premier luxury stone, often found in antique Boston furniture. The Verde Antique stone is also known as the world’ hardest and oldest stone, and therefore before the “Green Mountain Boy,” deemed impractical for stone art. 

John Brault has a degree in environmental science, but has spent the past twenty years as a full-time professional artist, carving and painting wildlife. John spent a lot of time as a little boy roaming on Cape Cod beaches in the late 1960’s, and has returned here the last two winters to volunteer for the New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance’s Team Mola. He is currently preparing for his next life-sized statue of a “Fisherwomen,” to be done Lake Champlain Black Marble.

Program for Sunday, January 27, 2019

Join Playwright Candace Perry and Joanne Powers for a reading of Perry’s short play, “The Tour.” The story follows two sisters as they negotiate to buy a timeshare in a renovated historic plantation. The reading will be followed by a talkback with the audience and by general conversation and coffee hour at 11:00. A fun, up close and personal way to experience theater in the making. All are welcome.

Perry began her playwriting career in 1989 when the Provincetown Theatre Company produced her one act, Keepers. Since then, she’s had more than thirty short plays produced in Provincetown and elsewhere, has written four full length plays, and won some awards. She is a member of the Dramatists Guild and the Provincetown Playwrights’ Lab, and a treasured resident of Wellfleet. Learn more about Candace Perry at

Program for Sunday, December 23, 2018

Join us for a family-friendly holiday movie: A Christmas Memory, adapted from a short story by Truman Capote originally published in Mademoiselle magazine. Created for television in 1966, this production stars Geraldine Page and Donnie Melvin with narration by Truman Capote. Both the teleplay and Geraldine Page won Emmy Awards for this production, which also won the coveted Peabody Award.

The story told is of the last Christmas together in Depression era Alabama for a sensitive boy and his elderly cousin who was his closest friend. The two raise enough money to buy the ingredients for 30 fruit cakes, sent mostly to strangers like FDR. They spend Christmas day flying the kites they made for each other while Capote’s voice over explains their separation, followed by their dog’s passing, and a few years later her’s. A story of love, loss, and loneliness is a holiday tradition that will warm your heart, and break it a little as well. Great fodder for conversation based on memory, values and our vision for the future.

Program for Sunday, December 30, 2018

What the Universe Tells Me: Unraveling The Mystery of Mahler’s Third Symphony

Join us for a screening of this documentary by Jason Starr, narrated by Stockard Channing. Followed by coffee, snacks and conversation.

From the volcanoes of the South Pacific to the Alpine peaks and meadows where Mahler composed, dramatic images from the natural world give shape to the Third Symphony’s evolutionary saga. Thinkers such as Howard Gardner, Stan Brakhage and Catherine Keller join Mahler experts Henry Louis de La Grange, Donald Mitchell, Peter Franklin and Morten Solvik to introduce this masterpiece to new audiences and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its premiere.




Watch the trailer here.




Program for Sunday, November 25, 2018

Mary Richmond, artist and naturalist, presents “Good Nature, Bad Nature – How our Thoughts Affect our Environment.” Sunday, November 25 at 10:00 a.m.; coffee hour to follow at 11:00. All are welcome.

Mary Richmond is well known for her weekly illustrated columns in the Falmouth Enterprise and Cape Cod Chronicle which challenge and delight with informed observations about the natural world around us. Check out her blog and on-line shop at, where you can purchase copies of her children’s book “Beach Bunnies on Vacation”, notecards and more.

Program for Sunday, November 11, 2018

Saving Sea Turtles: Preventing Extinction.” A few weeks ago, the Kemp Ridley turtles started arriving on our bay beaches, washed ashore and stranded by the prevailing westerly wind, cold-stunned by the dropping temperatures. Over the last decade, the number of stranded turtles has steadily increased, but the late autumn of 2014 saw an unprecedented event as more than 1,200 cold-stunned sea turtles washed ashore. This documentary, narrated by renowned scientist Dr. Sylvia Earle, puts our local experience and volunteerism into a global perspective as it follows the Kemp Ridley’s through their annual migration. Join us for the film screening, some discussion and coffee hour beginning at 10:00 a.m. Sunday, November 11.