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Aug 27: “Remembering Good Harbor Beach” with Debra Wiess

Remembering Good Harbor Beach

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Please join us as Debra Wiess (author and director) presents a staged reading of Remembering Good Harbor Beach, a one-act thirty minute play. The play is starts off in the summer of 1923 when Josephine Nivison and Edward Hopper met in Gloucester, MA where they both came to paint. The play then fast-forwards to 16 years later at the Hopper’s summer home in Truro, as it delves into the complicated relationship of this artist couple.

The play will feature local actors Jarice Hanson and John Dennis Anderson and will be followed by a discussion on the subject.

Live at the Chapel and on Zoom. Zoom link here:

Debra Wiess is a Boston-based writer of plays and poetry in English and French. Her work in both languages has been presented throughout this country and abroad, and several of her plays have won awards. She particularly enjoys presenting in non-traditional spaces and is currently presenting Remembering Good Harbor Beach at the Wellfleet Library.

Learn more at 10am on Sunday, August 27 at the Chapel in the Pines in Eastham. Doors open at 9:30.




July 2: Music with Katie Castagno – CANCELED

10:00 a.m. Sunday, July 2, 2023

Update: Unfortunately, Katie will not be performing today at the Chapel. We hope to reschedule her soon. The Fellowship will hold a Business Meeting in the Chapel instead. All are welcome. 


Katie Castagno is a geologist by day and a musician by night. Drawing on roots in rural New
England and collegiate a cappella, Katie writes about people, places, and geological phenomena. Whether it’s an account of Rachel Carson’s whirlwind romance with Dorothy Freeman, a sweet love song about Mary Oliver, or an investigation of the relationship between penguins and mental health, Katie will share stories and songs with warm melodies and quick wit. Come join for an intimate morning of music and fellowship.

This presentation will not be available via Zoom.

Katie Castagno lives in Eastham, where she recently recorded her first album. Sometimes joyful, sometimes rancorous, Every House I’ve Known reflects on what it means to be home. When not making music, Katie is the director of the Land-Sea Interaction Program at the Center for Coastal Studies and spends most of the time in the salt marsh.

Jun 11: “Putnam Farm – Realizing the Vision” with Rick Fancolini

10:00 a.m. Sunday, June 11, 2023

Putnam Farm is town-owned conservation land acquired with the intent of restoring agriculture to Orleans.  Thanks to COVID, a growing number of passionate growers and a multi-faceted, town-wide effort, that vision has become a reality.  Join Rick for an informal discussion about what’s been accomplished, the impact it’s having on our community and upcoming plans for the year ahead. All are welcome.

Live at Chapel in the Pines.

Rick Francolini is a resident of Orleans who is passionate about the community-building potential of agriculture.  He’s also an environmentalist who believes that education and advocacy – working hand in hand – can drive stewardship initiatives on public lands.  Rick’s experience at Putnam has been a lesson in both.   

May 28: “The Tale of Spinnaker, a Humpback Whale” with Scott Landry

10:00 a.m. Sunday, May 28, 2023

Scott Landry has been working at the Center for Coastal Studies for over 20 years on whale research and conservation. He will discuss our current understanding of how entanglement in fishing gear impacts individual whales and whale populations. This Sunday, he’ll be talking about Spinnaker, to illustrate how larger trends are manifest in the life of a single, and singular, being. All are welcome!

Live at Chapel in the Pines and on Zoom.

Zoom registration link:

Scott Landry directs the Marine Animal Entanglement Response (MAER) program at the Center for Coastal Studies, in Provincetown Massachusetts. Scott worked as a naturalist in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and particularly within the Gulf of Maine for many years before joining the CCS Whale Disentanglement Team more than 20 years ago. In addition to being a First Responder for the team, Scott conducts research on the problem of entanglement. Scott holds a B.A. degree in Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts and a Graduate Certificate in Science Illustration from the University of California-Santa Cruz.

May 21: “The Article Two Study Commission and the Future of the 8th Principle”

10:00 a.m. Sunday, May 21, 2023

In June 2020, Nauset Fellowship joined many other UU Congregations in adopting the 8th Principle which states:
“We covenant to affirm and promote journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse, multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.”
Now, the Unitarian Universalist Association must grapple with how to best situate the commitments expressed in the 8th Principle into Article II, the section of the Rules and Bylaws that describe the Purposes and Covenants of the organization. This program will include a videotaped interview with Paula Cole Jones, a co-leader of the 8th Principle Project and member of the Article Two Study Commission, followed by discussion. All are welcome!

Live at Chapel in the Pines and on Zoom.

Zoom registration link:

Satya Mamdani is a life-long UU, a member of the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis and a freshman at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. She serves on the Article Two Study Commission for the UUA and has produced a series of videos illuminating the work of the Commission.
Paula Cole Jones is the author of a UU World cover story, “Reconciliation as a Spiritual Discipline” and the editor of Encounters: Poems about Race, Ethnicity and Identity. She is the founder of ADORE (A Dialogue on Race & Ethnicity), a former president of DRUUMM (Diverse and Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries) and an independent consultant specializing in multicultural competencies and institutional change. She serves with Satya on the Article Two Study Commission.

Mar 26: “Nauset Interfaith Association’s Youth Outreach Efforts” with Brooke Eaton-Skea

10:00 a.m. Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Nauset Interfaith Association envisions a time in which no young person experiences homelessness or rejection and every young person has the freedom and support in which to thrive. Their Youth Outreach and Hospitality Action Team works to make this vision a reality. Their members support Cape Cod youth who are, or who are at risk of becoming homeless, or who otherwise experience dire need or exclusion from the community. Their goal is to help these young people experience safety, respect, dignity and the opportunity to make their own choices as contributing members of the community to which we all belong. All are welcome!

Live at Chapel in the Pines and on Zoom.

Zoom registration link:

Brooke Eaton-Skea worked primarily as an artist and art instructor until she entered seminary in the late 1980’s. She practiced Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Direction in the Pittsburgh area until she and her husband Brian moved the Cape in 2004. Her clients were mainly children and adults with histories of trauma and abuse. After relocating here, she worked as a Clinician at the Latham School in Brewster, a residential school for children and youth with developmental and intellectual disabilities and complex trauma, until she retired in 2015. She is currently Convener of the Youth Outreach and Hospitality Action Team of the Nauset Interfaith Association.

Mar 19: “The 30-year journey of Cape Cod Children’s Place” with Elizabeth Aldred

10:00 a.m. Sunday, March 19, 2023

When the Cape Cod Children’s Place was founded thirty years ago, what community needs was it responding to? What has it accomplished over the three decades since then? How have conditions changed today? A conversation with friends at the Fellowship about this place, just up the road, very near and dear to Elizabeth Aldred’s heart. All are welcome!

Live at Chapel in the Pines and on Zoom.

Zoom registration link:

Elizabeth Aldred raised her sons in Eastham and worked as a copy editor and occasional writer at The Cape Codder from 1983-1993. In 1993, when the initial grant was awarded, she wrote an article about Cape Cod Children’s Place. Since then she has worked for the Children’s Place in different roles and continues to support the organization in any way she can.

Mar 12: “The Mind and Mindset behind Humor for Humanity” with Jimmy Tingle

10:00 a.m. Sunday, March 12, 2023

For years, Boston comedy and theater fans have known what Jimmy Tingle does, now Humor for Humanity gives audiences a glimpse of why he does it. Humor for Humanity is Tingle’s new social enterprise focused on making meaningful change in the world. The mission is to use comedy, commentary and conversation through social media, radio, television and live events to raise spirits, funds and awareness for non profits, charities and social causes. For our Sunday program, Tingle will take us backstage to understand the mind and mindset behind his latest venture. All are welcome!

Live at Chapel in the Pines and on Zoom.

Zoom registration link:

Born in Cambridge, MA, Jimmy Tingle has a career spanning four decades, as a comedian, writer, actor, activist and entrepreneur. He rose up from the Boston comedy boom of the ‘80s, the scene that spawned Steven Wright, Denis Leary, Bobcat Goldthwait and Paula Poundstone. Tingle has produced several comedic and theatrical productions including Jimmy Tingle’s Uncommon Sense, The Promised Land, Jimmy Tingle’s American Dream, and Jimmy Tingle for President: The Funniest Campaign in History.

Feb 26: “Inspiring Youth To Action. . . Compassionate Activism” with Lisa Brown

10:00 a.m. Sunday, February 26, 2023

Lisa Brown, a veteran teacher at Nauset Regional High School in Eastham, has a popular class  with a curriculum of her own making called “Exploring and Respecting Differences.” It focuses on social emotional learning skills, conflict & mediation, gender, identity, personal morality and empowering students to effect positive change in their own lives and in society through social change and leadership. Brown will share with us some of the nuts and bolts of this class, the theory behind its design and her observations of the transformations that happen when it works. All are welcome!

Live at Chapel in the Pines and on Zoom.

Zoom registration link:

In addition to her classroom teaching, Lisa Brown is the advisor for the Human Rights Academy, an after school program that promotes peace and social justice on and off campus. She helped to fund and create an Art & Music Center on the island of LaGonave in Haiti and has taken Nauset students there on immersive humanitarian trips for 20 years. She was a finalist for Massachusetts Teacher of the Year in 2018. She recently was published in print and recorded a podcast through the Teachers Collaborative on the topic of Educational Changemakers. She is an accomplished vocalist, drummer and percussionist and founder of the Nauset World Music Ensemble.

Feb 19: “Developing Empathy for the Displaced“ with Nancy Dann

10:00 a.m. Sunday, February 19, 2023

Nancy Dann, chair of Nauset Interfaith Association’s Refugee Support Team, will inform us   about the immigrant populations on Cape Cod. From where do they come? What is their legal status within the U.S. immigration system? What challenges do they face? Members of the Refugee Support Team have helped in a variety of ways such as seeking legal advice to obtain asylum status, coordinating with services such as the RMV, and obtaining housing and food. Drawing on this experience, Dann will show us ways that we too can help immigrants in our community thrive.All are welcome.

Live at Chapel in the Pines and on Zoom.

Zoom registration link:

Nancy Dann started her career as a teacher of pediatrics, a medical-surgical nurse and then a nurse practitioner. After taking time off to raise her children she felt called to the ministry, earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in Faith, Health and Spirituality, became a Board Certified Chaplain and was ordained in the United Church of Christ. She spent the next several years working as a chaplain, providing pastoral care to cancer patients who received radiation, chemotherapy and surgical treatment, mainly as outpatients. In retirement, she converted to Islam and moved to Cape Cod.